Superb boning knife, Dexter V-lo®

My favorite boning knife is the Dexter V-lo® 6 inch boning knife. No matter how slick and icky your hand gets, the grip feels solid.   I did sharpen the back side of the tip for about 1/2 inch , though and round the tip just a tiny smidge. That makes it much easier to work your way around to de-bone a small bird or follow the bones down to clear the tendon and pull it out along with the bone for de-boning legs to stuff them. I do a lot of stuffed chicken legs. . . my kids have always loved them.

Here’s a picture . . . isn’t it pretty?  It holds an edge very well, sharpens easily too.
And it was under $25.

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2 Responses to Superb boning knife, Dexter V-lo®

  1. Freznow says:

    Oh cool! I just got new knives, and I barely have a clue how to wield them. (I’ve been cooking for years and I JUST learned how to properly chop an onion.) Maybe if I ask nice enough you’ll share how to debone a bird?

    • Gladtobemom says:

      I will try to get one of the kids or my husband to take pictures next time I de-bone a bird. I often buy turkeys when they are on sale. Then I debone them, slice the dark meat, and schmear the inside with a savory mixture of caramelized onion and spices, then Lay the dark meat in the center and roll it all up. I tie it like a roast, serve with roasted brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes. This elevates your average grocery turkey to a whole new level, flavorful, juicy, and rich. Fabulous. The carcass, wings, skin, and neck can be roasted in a separate pan and then processed in the pressure cooker with for stock.